Dear school board

Starting inOCR brought a number of successful enforcement actions under Title IX on behalf of students who were subject to harassment or discrimination on the basis of their gender identity, gender expression, or failure to conform to gender stereotypes.

Dear school board

The wearing of outer garments and headwear will be permitted in school vehicles and at school activities when appropriate. Freedom of speech is what your board cited for not punishing students for blatantly engaging in offensive behavior. The Nazi salute, propaganda, and WW2 are a part of your curriculum.

Baraboo students are actively taught Nazi symbolism is synonymous with some of the most horrible crimes committed in recent history. Nazi salutes coincide with the ideals of genocide of anyone who is not deemed racially superior. This is hate speech.

Coincidentally the Proud Boys who have ties to the deadly white nationalist rally in Charlottesville inare now considered a terrorist group by the FBI.

This is not freedom of speech issue. If the board is willing to suspend students for wearing, signing, or saying anything related to hate speech, gang symbolism, encouraging oppression of marginalized groups…these boys in this picture using a worldwide symbol of hatred, torture, and death must be disciplined.

By not enforcing your own policies, the board has marginalized every group of students who now feel unsafe to go to school because Nazi signs and speech is allowed. This is the example you are setting for the students who are already marginalized through society and for the male white students who are now given a free pass for promoting racism, sexism, and genocide.

There will be division in every classroom now. The teachers in your district now have a precedent to favor white males and give them free passes over the children who would be sent home for wearing or signing gang symbols. The board says this is a free speech issue.

Dear school board

If this is the case, eliminate the highlighted points I have listed that are found within your own policy. This is clearly school board bias, not freedom of speech. Last point…would you fire teachers who engage in Nazi salutes? Freedom of speech is not freedom of consequence.

Freedom of speech is not going to jail for saying words. Reconsider your decision and hold these boys responsible for promoting oppression and school wide division…the subsequent sacrifice will be the students who now can not learn in an environment that excuses hate and marginalization of non white, straight males.

Do better and serve all of your students.The Deer Lakes Board of School Directors consists of nine (9) individuals who are elected at large by the citizens of East Deer, Frazer and West Deer townships.

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Dear school board, Physical education helps students improve their knowledge about health issues and practices that will lead to a more enjoyable life. Hour School HourSchool is a platform to help a community build a peer-to-peer school.

Dear school board

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