Essays about rashomon

Japanese director and screenwriter. In a career that spanned fifty years and produced thirty films, Kurosawa established himself as a major force in international cinema.

Essays about rashomon

Copy Link When Akira Kurosawa made Rashomonhe was a forty-year-old director working near the beginning of a career that would last fifty years, produce some of the greatest films ever made, and exert a tremendous and lasting influence on filmmaking throughout the world.

During these years, tohe made movies for Shochiku, Shintoho, and Daiei. Daiei was somewhat reluctant to fund Rashomon, Essays about rashomon the project to be too unconventional and fearing that it would be difficult for audiences to understand.

But the film is unconventional, even radical in design, and these attributes only helped to skyrocket it to international fame at a time when art cinema was emerging as a powerful force on the film circuit. With great reluctance, Daiei permitted the film to be submitted for overseas festival competition.

The rest, as they say, is history. As the picture opens, three characters seek shelter from a driving rainstorm it never sprinklesin a Kurosawa film! As they wait for the storm to pass, the priest Minoru Chiakithe woodcutter Takashi Shimuraand the commoner Kichijiro Ueda discuss a recent and scandalous crime—a noblewoman Machiko Kyo was raped in the forest, her samurai husband Masayuki Mori killed Essays about rashomon either murder or suicide, and a thief named Tajomaru Toshiro Mifune arrested.

When Rashomon played in Venice and then went into international distribution, it stunned audiences. No one had ever seen a film quite like this one. For one thing, its daring, nonlinear approach to narrative shows the details of the crime as they are related, through the flashbacks of those involved.

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Kurosawa gives us four versions of the same series of events, through the eyes of the woodcutter, the thief, the woman, and the spirit of the husband, each retelling markedly different from the others.

He bequeathed to world cinema and television a striking narrative device—countless movies and television shows have remade Rashomon by incorporating the contradictory flashbacks of unreliable narrators. But Rashomon is that rare film that has transcended its own status as film, influencing not just the moving image but the culture at large.

Its very name has entered the common parlance to symbolize general notions about the relativity of truth and the unreliability, the inevitable subjectivity, of memory.

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With Rashomon and his subsequent movies, Kurosawa came to rank among the leading international figures of that cinema, in the company of Ingmar Bergman, Federico Fellini, Michelangelo Antonioni, and Satyajit Ray.

Like their work, Rashomon was more than just commercial entertainment. It was a film of ideas, made by a serious artist, and with a sophisticated aesthetic design.

Essays about rashomon

It was also the tremendous visual skill and power that Kurosawa brought to the screen. Like all his best works, Rashomon is a remarkably sensual film. Nobody has ever filmed forests like Kurosawa.

Shooting directly into the sun to make the camera lens flare, probing the filaments of shadows in trees and glades, rendering dense thickets as poetic metaphors for the laws of desire and karma that entrap human beings, and, above all, executing hypnotic camera movements across the uneven forest floor, Kurosawa created in Rashomon the most flamboyant and insistently visual film that anyone had seen in decades.

In Rashomon, Kurosawa was consciously attempting to recover and re-create the aesthetic glory of silent filmmaking. One of the best such sequences is the long series of moving camera shots that follow the woodcutter into the forest, before he finds the evidence of the crime.

Mesmeric, exciting, fluid, and graceful, these are among the greatest moving camera shots in the history of cinema. Style for Kurosawa is not an empty flourish.

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The bravura designs of his films are always carefully motivated—this is why he is a great filmmaker.The short story "In a Grove" by Ryunosuke Akutagawa was made into a movie called Rashomon. The movie and the short story share both similarities and differences.

Essays about rashomon

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Rashomon: A Movie Review Essay Sample.


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