Garden com case study

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Garden com case study

The Depot opened its doors in and has been growing quickly ever since. They have expanded their business by operating a successful 12,square-foot retail store and numerous divisions of the company. Janice Bowman got hired at The Depot in Juneafter working for one of their competitors for 13 years.


As the office manager, she is responsible for inventory, computer systems and logistics. However, due to poor workmanship of other supervisors, she has found herself doing more things around the business than what has been assigned to her.

Bowman does not involve King with problems regarding the landscaping division, because of his detachment from the company. Additionally, hiring Derek Sinclair has been problematic as he is unqualified to receive a managerial position within the landscaping industry.

Bowman is overworked because of the lack of leadership within the company. She often works seven days a week dealing with customer complaints and issues within other divisions.

Furthermore, the Depot is facing accountability and internal control issues. Dave Sampson, who is responsible for ensuring operating efficiency of certain divisions, fails to make the landscaping portion of the company accountable.

Likewise, there are problems with internal controls, mainly regarding the use of inventory and job slips. Though part of his duties, Sinclair has not been the one completing invoices.

In addition, there are problems with organizational accountability due to the lack of formal performance appraisals and job responsibility matrices.

Finally, the landscaping division has become suboptimal. One of the full-time employees, Jayme Strong, carries out jobs for customers that Bowman has not received an invoice for.

This leads Bowman to believe Strong is doing work for customers and keeping the money for himself, falsifying his time cards and potentially stealing from the company. Another issue is the amount of customer complaints regarding the landscaping division, leading Sinclair to avoid answering calls or keeping customers informed on the progress of their job.

Lastly, the employment within the landscaping division has become an issue. Out of 12 employees, 11 of them are part-time causing an insufficient amount of completed jobs. This is evidenced by the activity of both Derek Sinclair and Janice Bowman.

Sinclair is a poor fit for the position of landscaping manager.

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He does not communicate information to customers, he has no relevant landscaping experience, and he shows little concern for issues that have the potential to damage the company such as, possible theft, incorrect invoices, and an unaccountable staff.

Janice Bowman, largely due to the activities of Sinclair, is overworked, performing tasks outside of her understood responsibilities. There is a lack of fit between the landscaping division and the tasks required of them.

This is evidenced by the numerous cases of incomplete or incorrect task completion. Foremost, the division is not able to complete all requested seasonal work, this is inefficient and reduces potential profit.

A major factor contributing to this is the challenge to recruit and retain qualified staff. Jobs slips are filled out incorrectly, timesheet accuracy is questionable, and inventory is not properly accounted for.

There is a lack of fit between organizational procedures and the people and groups within the company. This is evidenced by the breadth of policies and procedures that either have problems or are not implemented.

The company has no formal job descriptions or job appraisal system. This reduces job comprehension and internal communication among all employees. The controls for recording items used at landscaping jobs are sub-optimal. There are multiple cases of job slips important to ensure proper billing not being filled out correctly by the landscaping division.The garden of the Taj Mahal: a case study of Mughal architectural planning and symbolism.

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Garden com case study

In , Perkins+Will was commissioned to create a signature, green facility that would increase the VanDusen Botanical Garden’s visitorship and enhance its international stature. Designed to be one with nature, the Visitor Centre creates a harmonious balance between architecture and landscape. The Garden Place case analysis, The Garden Place case study solution, The Garden Place xls file, The Garden Place excel file, Subjects Covered Accounting Control systems by C.

Ray Smith, Luann J. Lynch Source: Darden School of Business 2 pages. Publication Date: Sep 01, Prod. The Case Study Ceramic Cylinder is designed to be used in both indoor and outdoor spaces, and is supported by a Brazilian walnut stand.

Although this planter was originally conceived over sixty years ago, it retains a contemporary, current benjaminpohle.coms: This Garden City case study shows how Gong Kenya offers the full range of marketing and PR services.

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Grasby, Karin Koopmans Source: Richard Ivey School of Business F.

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