India is a rich country yet inhabited by poor people

Sustainability and Water August 12, Water tables all over the world are falling, as "world water demand has tripled over the last" 50 years. When these aquifers are depleted, food production worldwide will fall.

India is a rich country yet inhabited by poor people

Well, we have been hearing this galloping part for the past two decades and yet we have never reached this destination. The time frame set for India to be a fully developed nation has been translating linearly fromto and so on.

India is a rich country yet inhabited by poor people

We started the race like a rabbit and has fell asleep in between the race and the turtles are winning the race. The Indian economy is not able to generate surplus GDP and is still running on a fixed fiscal deficit.

Am not going in to the political reasons but what may be the reason for keeping such a burden on our own heads. A growing economy should be able to accommodate the growing population to its labour force. But in India, people find the reason of unemployment to be uncontrolled rise in demography.

We should learn to treat the disease rather than the symptom. Now what kind of unemployment is prevailing in India; reading about it we can see that all the types are in action. The Indian mind normally do not try to do anything productive with it but lives off it.

Not only is he a burden to the economy, he might hold cultivable lands of wealth he has not yet invested or saved, which actually is counterproductive to the nation. Although dangerous, such section of the society is very small in India as due to the changing face of the government which promotes entrepreneurial activities.

But start-ups and other mini industrial units can solve this by making the youth and the citizens self-employed. But care has to be given to be given to lead these start-ups to maturity and for that critical evaluation of the proposal should be done rather than the free for all policy.

This not only increases the government expenditure; it will divert funds from a possibly highly performing start-up. Hence such rights may be tackled for gradual upbringing of a welfare state.

Paddy fields operated by labour alone But anchor that is holding down India and is preventing us from moving is Disguised Unemployment.

Like the term itself, it is not easily identifiable. The concept is quite simple; consider the example of a tilting an agricultural land of very less size.

India is a rich country yet inhabited by poor people

Assume that the work only requires 12 hours work by 5 workers. The still takes 12 hours and the extra guy also gets the same wage. We might think that the extra person is employed but in reality he has only increased the liability of the land owner to cultivate a crop; hence burdening the economic process.

Disguised employment exists in all sectors of work but in India this is seen mostly in the agricultural sector. The unemployed and the underemployed have been driven to agriculture and labor is surplus but not cheap, contradicting the basic theory of economics.

The reduction of wages is not allowed due to the interferences of unions and political parties. More than 55 percent of the available work force in India is employed in agricultural activities and the work force requirement of the sector is only 29 percent, even without mechanization.

The staggering rates should be an eye opener, because this is the sleeping rabbit of the Indian economy. But what can we do about it. Mechanized Tilting Picture coutesy: He also states that a new superior species wipes out its kin species.

So what we should be doing is to bring in new technology and aspire to be large, hence constantly evolving to compete with the global market. This can be done by mechanizing the agricultural industry and by compulsory consolidation of smaller land holdings as done by the Punjab government during the Green Revolution.

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Although both have demerits, with proper administration we are able to tackle them and establish a superior project. Obtaining a single larger piece of land and removing the boundaries will increase the total area of cultivable land which again increases the production.

Yet another simple solution is to move the workers from the farming operations to non- farming operations. The Indian agricultural industry is still producing low value products.

Addressing an Existing Crisis

Encouraging the farmers to increase the value of their products by setting up small scale industries near to their farms is a worthwhile project. It not only increases their income but also will increase the GDP. We on the other hand can implement other profitable operations like horticulture, Mills etc.

Hence converting our farms in to mini industrial hubs. India is blessed with timely monsoons and fertile soil, so if smartly implemented we can be the first country to be developed by mere farming operations. I too know that there are other challenges to the Indian agricultural sector which I hope to discuss in the coming days.

But our farming sector is worth reforming as it holds great potential like non other. The seeds of development should come from within especially from our historical agricultural sector.Country, Happens, India, Inhabited, People, Poor, Poor People, Rich, Very Quotes to Explore A dream doesn't become reality through magic; it takes sweat, determination and hard work.

India happens to be a rich country inhabited by very poor people. by Manmohan Singh from life Quotes and Sayings from my collection of quotes about life.

The Ganges River flows from Rishikesh to Uttarkashi near the Tehri Dam. The river is the main lifeline for over one billion people, yet pollution is threatening its future.

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But Before That An Opinion on Ancient Intelligence. Many people question “How on earth could people who lived thousands of years ago have known such an advanced science”. Though India boasts of a high economic growth, it is shameful that there is still large scale poverty in India. It has the world's largest number of poor people living in a single country.

The recent study confirms that India has more poor people than in 26 African Countries.(VOA news). Free sample essay on Poverty in India. That has been observed that India is a rich country inhabited by the poor. This paradoxical statement underlines the fact that India is very rich, both in material and human resources, which have not been properly used and exploited so far.

Poverty amidst.

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