Jetblue airways case essay

Currency changes Strengths When we look at the case JetBlue shows several strengths. They have new airplanes that keep the operational costs low with inflight entertainment systems, their customers get a drink and a snack and their employers are involved and motivated. JetBlue is an innovative company, for example they were the first North-American airline company that used electronic ticketing and they introduced the first paperless cockpits.

Jetblue airways case essay

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Jetblue airways case essay

An example of this is the opportunity to workers to do their job from home. Employees are so satisfied with the company that they care for it, which reflects in how they do their job and their attitude towards clients.

All this Jetblue airways case essay results in higher employee commitment and desire to make the customers feel happy and gently serve them. In addition, love is one important thing that JetBlue implements, they say that when you love your customer, they love you back, and it can be demonstrated with the desire of the customer to keep in touch with the company even if they are not flying on time.

This airline is the strongest brand in the USA. This is a proof that a low-cost airline can give an excellent service and steady profits. JetBlue airways, was founded in February by David Neeleman.

A fact that is necessary to highlight their success since the beginning is that on September of the same year, they found out that they were already 75 take-offs and landings at John F.

Since that date, JetBlue started adding new routes in the United States to enrich their service. In the company announced its loss of money, corresponding to the last trimester inthe amount of money, was On June JetBlue began selling snack boxes on flights over 3 hours 45 minutes for six dollars.

Power and Associates, a customer satisfaction recognition received for the eighth year in a row. Having a strong organizational culture is what makes employees to serve customers gently as well as the way they communicate and talk about the company they care to the customers, because when employees love their work, they would like customers to love it too.

Furthermore, since the beginning they have brought small innovations, such as the food and the seats, which the customers love.

Customers must feel loved and well treated by having many options not just during a flight and before but when they are outside to keep in touch. This is the reason why a Twitter account is necessary for a company as JetBlue, Not only because customers like to keep in touch but also because JetBlue cares about its customers.

JetBlue case analysis | Essay Example

During recent years, JetBlue have been making changes in their services. This service offers not only the best seats, but also provides privacy and gives the customer priority from the moment they are at the airport by helping them through the check in process and all the way into the VIP room as fast as possible.

Another important update made by JetBlue was the upgrade of the cashless cabin devices and the new technology in the software so customers could start their buying habits in the flight by purchasing products with better prices.

The company is also working in updating the Dependability Guidelines Program to provide a more accurate accountability so it becomes easier for the team leaders to be efficient.

JetBlue case analysis | Essay Example

This focuses especially during holidays. Because it is true that people always looks for low costs but also for a good and a memorable flight.

Jetblue airways case essay

They are looking for an airline that can spoil them by winning their loyalty. She was glad because she can spend time with her family without stop earning money. She is a supervisor at JetBlue Airways now. He is the co-founder with June Morris of Morris Air, a low fare charter airline. Morris Air was acquired by SouthWest Airlines where he worked for a short period of time on their executive planning committee.

Barger, known in the world of aviation from an early age, as his father was a pilot for United Airlines. This shows that Barger has followed a policy of maintaining high customer satisfaction ratings and all indications are that this will remain so in JetBlue announced that Barger ceased to be President since January 1, Robin Hayes is the new president since then.

Twitter guide JetBlue to connect with customers in new ways and allows a more casual conversation with immediate interaction.

JetBlue made the first Twitter account on May They created this account with the purpose of building a relationship with the frequent flyers. The Strategy went very well but they want it to get better. They wanted to reach through Twitter those who were not jet customers.

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They also implement an account for customer service. This page made the company resolve problems immediately.Essay Jetblue Case Study. JetBlue is a low-cost domestic airline in the United States that utilizes a combination of low-cost and value-added differentiation as its market strategy.

Case Study On Jetblue Airways Management Essay. JetBlue Airways is an American low-cost airline owned by JetBlue Airways Corporation. The company is headquartered in the Forest Hills neighborhood of the New York City borough of Queens. External Environment. To evaluate the external environment of JetBlue airways we will use the PESTEL analysis.

PESTEL analysis stands for “Political, Economic, Social, Technological, Environment and Legal analysis”. Problem Identification. Presently, David Barger, former COO elected CEO of JetBlue Airways (JetBlue), faces a key issue of slowing down their growth. JetBlue Airlines Strategic Management Case Analysis Introduction to the Company History of the Firm JetBlue was established in , and was the third airline start .

Jetblue Case Study Essay Words | 5 Pages JetBlue is a low-cost domestic airline in the United States that utilizes a combination of low-cost and value-added differentiation as its market strategy.

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