Outline history development essay minam

The development of the world studies extended essay pilot has been underpinned by extensive academic research and development. IB staff have worked closely with both teachers in the pilot schools and Harvard Graduate School of Education, Project Zero Interdisciplinary Studies Project, to develop this exciting extended essay option. A world studies extended essay must focus on a topic of global significance. This encourages the student to reflect on the world today in relation to issues such as the global food crisis, climate change, terrorism, energy security, migration, global health, technology and cultural exchange.

Outline history development essay minam

During the prenatal time such vital organs as the brain, spinal cord, heart and others are forming. During this period birth defects can occur without proper care. However, not only food deficit can influence the baby. At the same time, women can avoid a great number of problems which are connected with prenatal period by using qualitative minerals and vitamins in their food supply.

I consider that nature or genetics plays the dominant role in the prenatal period, however the environment is important at this time, as well.

Pasco Rakic, a professor of neuroscience at Yale University, states: Various environmental factors including maternal malnutrition, substance abuse smoking, alcohol, and drugsviral infections, and others can result in adverse impacts on the developing brain.

Any perturbations during the prenatal period of development such as trauma, low body mass for time of gestation, or exposure to xenobiotic compounds can significantly affect health and disease later in life Chapin, Gillman.

There are three periods of pregnancy called trimesters. A trimester lasts three months. The first trimester is the initial stage of pregnancy from conception to 12 weeks gestation.

During this period the fetus is most sensitive to damage from substances such as alcohol, drugs, certain medications, and illnesses. A woman may notice such common signs as: The second trimester of pregnancy lasts until the end of the seventh month. It is considered the easiest period of pregnancy as the majority of women regain some of their energy.

During this period the female abdomen begins to swell.

Outline history development essay minam

The second trimester often delivers nasal congestion and occasional nose bleeds; whitish vaginal discharge; less of a need to urinate often; constipation; increase in appetite; Braxton Hicks contractions in which the uterus becomes hard and tight and then relaxes; leg cramps; backache; fatigue.

During this period the fetus has now developed all its organs and systems and will now focus on growing in size and weight. By the end of the second trimester, the process of producing neurons is completed.

During the third trimester the female body and fetus continue to grow and change. In the third period of pregnancy some women may feel uncomfortable as their due date is near. While the fetus grows in size and crowds the abdominal cavity, some women can have problems taking deep breaths, and sleeping well at night.

Outline history development essay minam

At the same time, other women do not experience discomfort as they anxiously await the arrival of their child. Off to a good start: Environ Health Perspect Epidemiological challenges in studying the fetal origins of adult chronic disease.

Int J Epidemiol World studies was first proposed by the United World College of Mahindra in and was eventually set up as an extended essay pilot option in The development of the world studies extended essay pilot has been underpinned by extensive academic research and development.

Power and Maintenance of Ancient Egyptian Civilization. Ancient Egyptian civilization is known as one of the most significant events in history due to its lengthy existence.

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Letter. Literature Review. Outline. Personal Narrative Essay. Personal Statement. Problem Solution Essay. Question. An outline need not be an exact map, only a rough guide to tell you where you’ve been, and where you are going. Please note the following about this outline: Each section presents a thesis.

I have started each section with its own thesis taken from the essay, one that supports the thesis of the article as a .

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