Review how to provide opportunities for learners to practice their literacy language numeracy and ic

The main characteristics of good learning and teaching in English as an Additional Language are summarised below: Where EAL pupils are learning effectively, they: Ensure the curriculum, context and selection of resources are culturally relevant and of high quality Plan for pre-teaching key vocabulary and concepts Plan content which takes sufficient account of concepts and vocabulary to allow EAL learners to internalise and apply new subject-specific language Access and use prior knowledge as a basis for future learning Position and group pupils so that they can participate in the lesson effectively Enhance opportunities for speaking, listening and collaboration Provide effective models of spoken and written language Recognise that the use of first language will enhance understanding and support the development of English Acknowledge that more advanced EAL learners need continuing support Milton Keynes Ethnic Minority Achievement Support Service Supporting Pupils with English as an Additional Language Page 41 Section 5:

Review how to provide opportunities for learners to practice their literacy language numeracy and ic

Lets discuss teaching and learning! Kate referred to Gravells saying that ICT should be used wherever possible; I do acknowledge that this is true but in the outdoor, this is often simply not possible or necessary.

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Most ICT technology is generally unsuitable to be used in the outdoors as it is vulnerable to being damaged by being dropped, made inoperable by water, and subject to the limitations of battery life. Despite this, in recent years technology that is ruggedized or can be made so with a relatively affordable case when compared to the price of such equipment is becoming more and more available.

There is some limited practice that could come about when using these devices in an outdoor environment and they could be used to analyse you movements and practice use of video equipment and then upload to a computer to write up a report and action plan, as I have had to do in my own studies.

It is this idea of supporting reports and learning that brings me to being able to practice ICT, Literacy and Numeracy in relation to the outdoors, in the form of planning, running and evaluating and expedition.

Review how to provide opportunities for learners to practice their literacy language numeracy and ic

The whole process would involve the use of ICT to find resources, E. Numeracy comes into expedition planning in a number of different ways such as; budgeting, nutritional needs and calorie intake and possibly fundraising needs, also involving ICT by using spread sheets to keep track of numbers as well.

This is all before practical considerations of the actual expedition can be included for practicing skills such as; route planning and navigation to practice numeracy bearings, distances etc.

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It is clear then that practicing Literacy, Numeracy and ICT can be involved within the outdoors in quite effective ways by involving students in a much more expanded view of the outdoors and its challenges, especially if conducting lessons for students intending to go into careers in the outdoors.

In addition to running this planning exercise these skills can be practiced using other activities based around expanding understanding of the Outdoor world.Document H Questions to ask in relation to English as an additional language Document I: Lay inspector prompts for literacy Annex 1: Good practice in the leadership and management of literacy and numeracy learners on their literacy and numeracy improvements.

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The purpose of ERO's reviews is to give parents and the wider school community assurance about the quality of education that schools provide and their children receive. Ashley Elementary School’s mission is to provide all students with a rigorous literacy, mathematics and science curriculum while nurturing the confidence and character needed to achieve their goals and succeed in the 21st century, positively impacting our community through excellence in thought and action.

Review how to provide opportunities for learners to practice their literacy language numeracy and ic

The Partnership for 21st Century Skills ( has developed a framework for 21 st century learning, which describes the skills that students need to thrive in today’s global economy. Oversee the review and maintenance of El-IC Plans and Students are encouraged to attend all or part of their review meetings and in addition, they Specific interventions — these target different areas of need, for example, literacy numeracy and social skills development;.

Further support and information for adult literacy. Visit the site for improving your English skills, or call the National Careers Service helpline on ; If the adult is employed and has access to a union, their union learning representative will be able to provide confidential advice.

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