Starting a new day with coffee

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Starting a new day with coffee

Discover Culinary Vacations now Follow Us: I say this not to pontificate, but to draw attention to the fact that coffee is much more than just a quick buzz. But when talking to friends and family about my love of javaI try not to go so in-depth and instead share the benefits of coffee that are more practical and relatable.

After all, it can be amazing for your health, brain, skin and more. And these days, great coffee is so easy to make at homethere is no excuse not enjoy some from time to time. Improves Short-Term Memory Researchers have discovered that when participants involved in a caffeine study received an amount of caffeine equivalent to a strong cup of coffee about milligramsa noticeable uptick in brain activity was observed through an MRI machine while they performed a variety or memory-oriented tasks.

The researchers concluded that caffeine acts on areas of the brain that are involved in memory and concentration. Metabolism Booster If you are looking to loose some weight, coffee might be able to help you in your fat burning efforts.

Studies have shown that the caffeine in coffee has as stimulating effect on your nervous system, which can then it turn send enhanced signals to your fat cells when in your body is in a caloric deficit.

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Additionally, caffeine has a performance enhancing effect, which is going to mean more productive workouts and more calories burned during those sessions.

Instead or pre-workouts loaded with chemicals and artificial sweeteners, try a nice espresso shot next time you are heading out to the gym. And, as an added bonus, it also contains a ton of free radical fighting antioxidants.

Diabetes Prevention Over the last 20 years, diabetes has become a huge problem across the world with over million humans affected by it on some level. A few well-known studies have actually shown that people who consume four cups of coffee a day are at a much lower risk of developing Type II diabetes.

If you are currently at risk, or diabetes runs in your family, this is a huge deal. Newer single serve coffee makers can be great for this, just make sure to limit the sweeteners and creamers!

It acts as a filtration system of sorts for our body and depending on your lifestyle, the liver may take quite a beating.

Starting a new day with coffee

The causes of cirrhosis are varied infections and obesity are some of the most commonbut drinking coffee regularly has been shown to help detox the liver and protect against the onset of the disease.

The study focused on the consumption of coffee in peoplebut the other health benefits of coffee discussed here are probably worth considering even in your younger years. Lowers Risk of Depression Depression is a mood disorder that can have a huge impact on your daily life, yet millions of Americans deal with it every year.

The good news is that a study performed in showed that an increased consumption of coffee will decrease your risk of depression. I know after my first cup of coffee in the morning, I feel awesome and am ready to attack the day! May Lower the Risk of Stroke A stroke is an event that occurs in the body when a blood vessel that transports blood to the brain is either blocked or bursts completely not so pleasant, I know.

While coffee is certainly no replacement for common sense and sunscreen, adding some to your daily routine may help you in the long run. Plus, more and more research is coming out every day uncovering new, and even more incredible health benefits.

Ready to take your cup of coffee on the road? About the author Remy Bernard Remy is a baker, chef, and writer. Her blog, Miss Mamie's Cupcakes, is her way to deepen and spread her passion for making delicious food. Since starting it, her focus has shifted to a more eco-conscious, greener way of living that emphasizes small steps, which can have a big impact.

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Cheese Danish and a cup of coffee, black as a moonless night. Don't laugh at the coffee. Some day you, too, may be old and weak. ~Author Unknown. Morning Coffee Quotes To Start The Day Free Daily Quotes Old friends pass away, new friends appear.

It is just like the days. An old day passes, a new day arrives. The important thing is to make it meaningful: a meaningful friend - or a meaningful day.

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These 21 Songs Will Help You Start Your Day Off Right. you better be prepared with a large coffee and breakfast sandwich in hand.

Starting a new day with coffee

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