Steven spielberg

Dec 18, Birthplace: A lifelong cinema buff, he began directing his first short movies while still a child, later studying film at California State University and winning notice for his short feature Amblin'. Spielberg's first feature-length effort, 's Duel, a taut thriller starring Dennis Weaver, was widely acclaimed as one of the best movies ever made for television.

Steven spielberg

Got a missive from reader "Laura" who Steven spielberg Ken, can you please give your opinion on what Steven Spielberg said regarding Netflix movies, that they don't deserve Oscars. They're not theatrical films.

The Academy has some rule where a movie has to play in a theater for one week in Los Angeles and New York to be eligible for Oscars.

So what studios do is run them for one week the end of the year, often times in only one theater. That way they're eligible for the next ceremony and the studios can then release the pictures wide a few months later.

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But streaming services like Netflix and Amazon are doing the same thing. Except they have no plans to release their films theatrically after the one week window for eligibility purposes. And like Steven said notice I call him by his first name as if we're close? But it's distorting the intent of the Motion Picture Academy.

The fate of the Oscars is up for grabs as new delivery systems pop up. Same goes for the Emmys -- worse for the Emmys because there's some question as to whether streaming services should even be considered "television. So what if it's from Netflix or Facebook or Apple?

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But that's a different experience than seeing a movie at a theater. Forget that it's often better. And if idiots aren't texting next to you or talking or bringing their newborns it can be a thrilling experience depending on the film.

Also, if you don't subscribe to Neflix you can't see their movies. Films distributed in theaters presumably are available throughout the country although certain art films are hard to find in Panama City. The Oscars are crying about their hemorrhaging audience numbers.

Listen to Steven Spielberg. Uphold the integrity of your awards. Don't let films made for YouTube qualify for Academy Awards.Steven Spielberg: Steven Spielberg, American movie director and producer whose films—which ranged from science-fiction fare, including Close Encounters of the Third Kind () and E.T.

(), to historical dramas, notably Schindler’s List () and Lincoln ()—enjoyed both unprecedented popularity and critical success.

Steven spielberg

Watch video · Steven Spielberg accepted no money for his work on Schindler's List, and instead donated his salary and all of his future profits from the movie to . Steven Spielberg (born December 18, ) is an American director, producer, and screenwriter.

He is considered one of the founding pioneers of the New Hollywood era, as well as one of the most popular directors and producers in film history. He is also one of the co-founders of DreamWorks Studios..

In a career spanning more than four decades, Spielberg's films have spanned many themes and genres. rows · The most commercially successful filmmaker in Hollywood history, Steven Spielberg was .

By Ken Levine: I agree with Steven Spielberg

Steven Spielberg. K likes. Steven Allan Spielberg, is an American director, producer, and screenwriter. He is considered one of the founding pioneers.

Steven spielberg

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