Use properties of exponents to write an equivalent expression calculator

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Use properties of exponents to write an equivalent expression calculator

Vignette In the Classroom In this vignette, students use associative, commutative, and distributive properties to generate equivalent algebraic expressions for the area of a rectangle. I already drew a picture to show what that might look like. What algebraic expression would you use to represent the area?

Is there another way to write that expression that may be a little simpler? You could add all the x s together and add all the 1 s together. So what you did was grouped the "like" terms. We often use parentheses in mathematics to show groups, so you could write your work like this: I know an easier way to do the problem.

What would that be? Well, I remember that the fastest way to find the area of a rectangle is to multiply the length by the width.

The algebra tiles show that there are 3 x s and 15 units. According to the order of operations, multiplication does come before addition so your observation is correct.

How did the two x s get lost? How can we rewrite the expression to make it accurate and show that the 3 needs to get distributed, or multiplied by both 5 and the x? Show me what you mean.

That means that both the x and the 5 get multiplied by 3. Is there another way to write the expression that may be a little less confusing. I see what you mean. Why do you have to write any symbol at all?

Add and subtract like terms

What are you suggesting? That we write it like this: It is true that in algebra, when we write quantities right next to each other without any symbol in between, multiplication is implied. For example, 6y means 6 times whatever value the variable y has.

What part is confusing you? Writing the 3 at the end of the expression instead of the beginning.

Add and subtract like terms

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But sometimes the fastest method isn't always the most useful, and your calculator will "choke". Fortunately, you can get around the problem.

use properties of exponents to write an equivalent expression calculator

By splitting the numerator and denominator of the fractional power, you can enter the expression so that your calculator should arrive at the correct value. simplify by removing factors of 1 calculator ; math solver with unit step function ; quasi homogeneous first ode , quadratic formula with constant variables, adding and subtracting negative number math sheets, simplify properties of exponents calculator.

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