War over teacher tenure

Nothing could be further from the truth. The heroes of our public education system are not Silicon Valley millionaires and their corporate lawyers, but are the teachers who greet our children every day at the schoolhouse door.

War over teacher tenure

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The North Carolina Supreme Court will likely have an opinion on teacher tenure within six months. Tenure in North Carolina means a teacher can still be fired, but has the right to notice of dismissal and an explanation of the reasons for dismissal, as well as the right to a hearing with the local school board before termination.

Beforeteachers became eligible for tenure, or "career status," after four years of service. Two lower courts sided with the teachers' group that stripping tenure from those who had already earned it would be an unconstitutional taking of their property rights.

The lower courts did however, rule that the state could end tenure eligibility for teachers who had not yet earned it.

The NCAE argues again that tenure was part of the deal teachers accepted when they were hired. Lawyers expect a ruling within six months. Supreme Court's ruling will only affect the career status of teachers who already have tenure, and will not likely change the fact that tenure is no longer available for future teachers.

Ellis says even if veteran teachers maintain their status, losing tenure for new teachers was a blow to the state's recruitment efforts.Teacher tenure rules are in state of flux across the nation NewsHour Weekend's piece on a lawsuit filed by nine California students against the teacher tenure system tells the story of just one.

Currently, all teachers are elligible for tenure after five years on the job, which makes it difficult for school adminstrators to hire, fire, and reward performance. If there was ever a time when it made sense for economics professors to be given tenure, that time has surely passed.

War over teacher tenure

The same is likely true of other university disciplines, and probably even more true for high-school and elementary school teachers. Being tenured may not save the teacher from being reprimanded.


A Fresno State history professor was disciplined last year after he stated on Twitter that President Donald Trump "must hang".

Jul 28,  · Education Teacher tenure challenge spreads from California to New York Campbell Brown of the Partnership for Educational Justice, with plaintiffs in their New York teacher tenure lawsuit. The Unceasing War Over Teacher Tenure Apr 23, by Governing Parents and voters are coming around to the idea that pay and job security ought to be related to performance in the classroom.

Questions raised by firing of tenured professor at U. of Illinois