Wise business plans complaints board

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Wise business plans complaints board

Nov 19, Contact information: Blue World began lowering their offer, as we kept saying no.

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Finally after numerous "Nos" the salesman would make a call each time back to the office and his boss Mike would get on the phone stating another lower offer, pressuring us to buy, that was the special for that day only.

After 5 hours of being pressured, and the salesman always calling the boss Mike when we said no, and it would start all over again him trying to convince we needed to buy. So we decided to do it. The salesman drew up the contract explaining we had 3 days to cancel. If we bought a pool from them they could take our land from us, as there was a lien on our property, For a stinking above ground swimming pool I felt uncomfortable, the guy didn't know a whole lot about pools, plus when I logged onto the net, afterward, looking for information about Blue World Pools, 3 items down in the search were stories about Blue World Pools "A Scam" "Rip Off" crooks who would not even pay their employees.

Stories from an ex-employee who said he did not get paid anything for working for them so he quit. The contract said at the bottom that it had to be cancelled by letter To the home office in Nevada or telegraph.

Since there is no telegraph office anywhere a telegraph could not been sent. A customer can call and call being hooked up with ext. I also typed up a letter of cancellation on March 31, faxed Blue World Pools a Copy, but also Expressed mail to them to get it the next morning, it was postmarked at 1: Here it is 12 days later and I am still waiting.

But I did get the upper hand, I stopped payment, expressed the cancellation letter to them, and faxed a copy as well. Even then the check, that was stopped payment was still cashed by them at their bank, and cleared my bank in a deposit on April 4th.

I called last Monday, April 7th, getting the run around from 2 men at extension 8, once again being transferred to Allen's voicemail. I called straight back and asked if our contract had been cancelled, Kathleen there said it had.

I told her that they had cashed a check even being notified that the contract was cancelled, instead of sending it back to me. She said they would refund me the money back, but I told her my bank had already sent it back to them, that it was of no value. I agree with the other customers that this pool company makes it almost impossible to cancel a contract, and tries to get your money.

One of the other poor souls was still fighting trying to get his down payment back. Guess I got lucky, I have learned my lesson. If looking to purchase a big item from a company on the net And don't trust Blue World Pools!!!

Wow had better talks in combat. Wanted it for therapy.

wise business plans complaints board

Now me and the family need therapy for buying it. Not all your sales work out.Frontpoint does home security differently. By offering complete protection coupled with truly genuine and helpful service, Frontpoint gives customers everything they need and nothing they don’t.

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