Writing a complaint letter to a lawyer

However, when you need one, your lawyer can be your best friend, the sole force standing between you and disaster. The Nature of Your Complaint If your complaint with your lawyer involves a personality conflict, you may not get very far registering a complaint about him. What to Say in Your Complaint Assuming your problem with your attorney rises to the level of misconduct, your state may or may not have a form available for you to fill out.

Writing a complaint letter to a lawyer

If you have proof that an attorney violated his or her ethical obligations, consider filing a formal complaint. Be aware that in general, your proof must be conclusive. State Disciplinary Counsel are reluctant to discipline attorneys, even with clear and convincing proof against them.

When sanctions are imposed, they may be of inconsequential proportions. After several complaints, though, the likelihood is much greater that more serious sanctions will be imposed. One additional suggestion is the use of affidavits; we have heard of positive results obtained by sending the complaints as sworn affidavits of the attorney's conduct and activities.

You can also send any witness commentary as sworn affidavits along with the complaint to bolster the credibility of the complaint. Do not file a complaint against an attorney unless you truly believe and can prove he or she acted in a blatantly unethical manner.

Do not file a complaint to "get back" at an attorney. Do not file frivolous complaints regarding relatively minor misbehavior or about non-substantive issues- the court will NOT be sympathetic to these kinds of complaints.

Filing a groundless or "annoyance" complaint will usually be to your detriment, as the court often deals harshly with the person who files such complaints. Either request the proper form from the appropriate Disciplinary Office listed below, or modify this form letter to fit your particular circumstances.

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Use the list below the form letter to locate the correct contact for reporting ethics issues. Fill this contact in for the [name of governing body] lines.

Normally after filing a complaint, you will receive a detailed form from your State's Office of Disciplinary Counsel to fill out regarding your complaint. You may also check this link for updated addresses and information: We look to the standards and the decisional law to determine the fair discipline.

In the Matter of Wells Review Dept. Accordingly, we recommend that "Atty" should be disbarred to protect the public, the courts, and the legal profession.

California Rules of Court, rule 9. Section [Moral Turpitude] Sectionsubdivision a [Failure to Comply with Laws] Sectionsubdivision aprovides that an attorney has a duty to support the Constitution and the laws of California and the United States.

Lack of Candor std. Lowney engaged in gross overreaching with Tollefsen, a client who was elderly, sick, and alone.

writing a complaint letter to a lawyer

Ethics Violations By [name of attorney] I hereby lodge an official complaint against [name of attorney] who is licensed in the State of [name of State], and is therefore subject to the [name of State] Office of Disciplinary Counsel.

Nature of the complaint: Be succinct and factual, do not enagage in any sarcasm or remarks of a personal nature. Offer to provide documentation or other proof upon request. You should also cite or paste in a copy of the specific guidelines that have been violated, or you can include it below.


This is a good place to cite or paste in a copy of the specific guidelines that have been violated, or you can include it above.

Delete this section if your complaint is fully explained in the section above. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you require additional information or have any questions.Filing Complaints Against Attorneys. Allowing a genuinely unethical attorney to practice harms everyone, including the Justice system itself.

writing a complaint letter to a lawyer

If you have proof that an attorney violated his or her ethical obligations, consider filing a formal complaint. Jul 11,  · Start here to see how to write a formal letter: Formal Letter Writing - Articles - benjaminpohle.com If you are writing to a lawyer, the letter must be very clear and simple, and keep to the point that is being discussed.

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The demand letter is the layperson's version of a legal complaint. In it, you state what your dispute is and why you want to handle it in court. The demand letter must also contain the amount for which you are suing or the specific relief you seek.

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